IT Infrastructure

Our Managed IT Service Provides a complete outsourced IT Department for your business. Bizstats Technology Services offers stress free managed IT service, increasing productivity rate, and minimizing risk. Often times, we will find and solve your network problems before you even know you have them. We provide full-service on-site and remote IT solutions.

Managed IT services

We begin by assessing your current IT infrastructure, hardware, and operating systems. We build a clear analysis of your business processes as well as potential risks, We get to know your business in depth, including your expectations and your budget to get a better understanding of what works for you. We proactively monitor your systems to prevent data loss and downtime, instead of reacting to problems.

Infrastructure Design and implementation

Network/Servers planning and design including LAN/WAN design and implementation, network protection and restoration, and bandwidth availability and utilization. Develop test plans, implementation plans, and project timelines for various project.

Setup the Release management

Configure a continuous integration process with an alert system. Every commit of any developer triggers auto builds and runs all the tests. Alerts in case of failure.